“90 Ways in 90 Days: A Personal Workshop for Women with Disordered Eating”–All three books now available on Amazon!

Follow me on my author page at https://www.amazon.com/author/debmd_90ways to get the details on how to use the 90 Ways program, whether you’re an individual interested in working on your eating issues on your own, a therapist or group leader who wants to use the system with clients, or a leader in a treatment program who would like to investigate a fresh approach.

For every book purchased, one dollar goes to McCoy House Sober Living for Women!

For information on bulk purchasing, contact Robert at SeaStar Media by phone 601-724-5124 or email seastarmedia@debmed.com. Review copies are available for program directors and media representatives.

Thank you!!

Lovebird Pelicans!

Surrounded by family and friends…

Ok, so it took forever, but here ya go–up close and personal with the pelicans! Today, I had a grand time speaking with the brilliant, dedicated young people of the Florida Society of Professional Journalists about burnout. Looks like these pelicans have mastered a major burnout prevention strategy–spend time just hanging out with family and friends. Do that this weekend, y’all!

They’re here!

So White Pelican Day 2021 at the Rez is 10/22/21!! About four huge flocks just wheeled around to the far right of the area you see in the last post, made their usual awkward-beautiful landings split seconds apart. Like giant white feather bombs falling out of the sky. Sky a bright morning pink, water still night-dark. Man. Some days are just better than others… photo when they get closer, I promise! Have a wonderful day! http://www.DebMD.com #debmd90ways