Hello, everyone!

What a great conference, right?! It’s always so great to see old friends again and make new ones. I can hardly believe we’ve done it for 11 years in a row!

Click on the link to get the slides I promised some of you. I thought I was gonna have to make an emergency call to a grandchild to figure out how to do it but Mamaw managed this time…. Yay!

Back to the conference, I learned something from every single person who spoke this year and am very grateful for each of you. I’m still smiling over the new term I got from Dr. Lloyd–“SWAG–Scientific Wild Ass Guess” (in case you were looking for coffee and missed it). And I’m looking forward to revisiting meditation, thanks to Dr. Dansiger.

This is a new blog so let me know if you think of ways I can use it to connect and help. Thanks for visiting and I hope the rest of your day is full of joy!

3 thoughts on “Hello, everyone!

  1. Very excited to start reading your blog! I am sure it will be an appropriate mix of sea stars, mermaids, and medicine–a combination the world so desperately needs! xo.

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